If you are a budding data-scientist and want to take a swing at analyzing financial data-sets, then you have come to the right place.

pluto takes the grunt work out of financial data analysis by providing a uniform python/R interface to data-sets obtained from multiple sources and vendors. You don’t need to setup and maintain databases or know how to download and parse files with weird formats or worry about data vendor agreements. pluto abstracts all that away from you. You can just focus on analyzing data-sets.

The public interface of pluto is based on JupyterHub – an interface familiar to most data-scientists. You can also login to a linux command prompt and save your work to github, etc. You can also share links to your notebook to elicit feedback about your approach.

pluto libraries are open-source:

  • plutoR: the R library that exposes the data-sets.
  • plutoPy: the python library that exposes the data-sets.

Sample notebooks can be found on the StockViz plutons repo.

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