US Equities and ETFs

The US markets are the biggest in the world. We now have a meaningful subset of their equity and ETF market data on pluto.

Equities are under the EquitiesUs module and ETFs under the ETFsUs module on both python and R.


In EquitiesUs, you will find Tickers to have a list of equity symbols with their names and most recent market cap. This can be augmented with SecMeta which has the industry classification code for each. SecFilings has links to a company’s regulatory filings.

End-of-day adjusted prices can be obtained through querying EodAdjustedTimeSeries.

Examples: python, R; Code: python, R


In ETFsUs, you will find Meta that has a robust set of descriptive information like the reference index, AUM, launch-date, etc.

Examples: python, R; Code: python, R

Questions? Ask them over at our slack workspace. Can’t wait to see what you will invent with these!

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